Principles of the climb

There are only 3 constants in life...change, choice, and principles.

--Steven Covey

Principles First

Your principles are like the foundation of the building, and the foundation of a building will determine how high it can be built, how stable it will be, and how long it will endure. At Arego we know that key principles will create a strong foundation to build on.

Here are the first 5 core principles of our foundation. While there are other principles we believe in, these 5 are the foundation of Arego.



There was a time when a handshake meant more than a contract. Unfortunately, in today's society we all have to be sure to cover ourselves. At Arego, we operate as if there was no need for a contract. If we say we are going to do something, we will do it. If we ever fumble, we promise to be accountatble and transparent about what happened, and do all we can to make it right. As Steven Covey says, business only moves at the speed of TRUST. If this is true, and we want to move fast, we have to make integrity number one on our list of principles always.



We view each marketing partner, each protege, as a partner in our business. Many companies in the industry today seem to operate from a stand point that would make a person think they are an employee. We believe this is your business as much as it is ours. While we will defend the integrity of the business for all marketing partners, you will never find Arego threatening to leverage your check. As long as you are not destroying anyone else's business, you can do whatever you would like to do without hesitation. We have witnessed too many people work hard, just to lose a check over inconsequential actions. As former distributors who have worked hard and had things taken away over nothing, we believe if you build it, you've earned it for as long as it lasts, period.



There are different committments we could make. Most companies are committed to earning money. We are absolutely committed to earning money, for the company as well as for distributors. We believe that if distributors earn money, so will we. We understand from a field perspective that if we find ways to pay distributors, and pay honest and fairly, the company will grow. We want to change the industry animosity that exists. We want to be partners with you. YES we really mean YOU. From beginner to seasoned pro, you will find our compensation, tools, training and support are second to none. We believe if we partner with our distributors, our partnerships will change the world. The decsision making process is simple; put our marketing partners first because they drive the sales and revenues.



We start with the pay. We want your pay to be simple and transparent. We believe that you should be able to identify where every part of your check comes from. In order to make it simple and transparent, it is important to make sure there is no differential. A dollar spent is a dollar in commissionable volume. We don't play games with qualifying volume or commissionable volume. We are fully commmitted to paying out 50% commission to the field. Sell $55 just dollars of product per month and access 10 levels of pay in our unilevel. Bonus structures are straight forward and simple to understand, and our incentives put your focus where longevity in every business comes from; customers. It's the traditional business compensation, with network marketing potential.



As network marketers the biggest frustration as distributors is poor communication from the home office. Because we believe that this is a real partnership, it only makes sense that we communicate as if we were partners. If something isn't good, or as said before, if we fumble, we are going to be open and honest about it. If things are going even better than we thought, we are going to let you know. We recognize that we will make mistakes, and things won’t always be perfect. We are committed to resolving issues with good communication and with your help and both of our cooperation, we know we can solve almost any problem.